Literature Inventory

The SAICO Literature Committee has been hard at work!

Now available from the SAICO Online Store!

Members of the SA Fellowship have asked for the quickness, efficiency, convenience, and cost savings of e-literature. The SAICO Online Store is pleased to be able to provide this service for two of the books on the Fellowship Approved Literature List:

Member Stories 2007  members2007large

prt2004coverlargePractical Recovery Tools 1994-2003

After paying and downloading the books, import them to your Kindle eReader, Kindle App, iBooks, or your Nook.

Also new from SAICO – Step Into Action.

This is the full book, all 12 steps in 1 volume.


There is also Spanish Language Literature available.


As a convenience to meetings in Baltimore Area, we have a large collection of literature supplies you can pickup at any of our monthly meetings.

BENEFITS of purchasing directly through BAIG:

  • Eliminate having to carry and store large inventory of supplies at your local home group
  • Avoid shipping costs (BIG savings)
  • Avoid taxes (included in price)
  • Learn more about current events and get involved

Click here for BAIG Inventory

Price List & SA Publications for purchase from SAICO

. . . or you can purchase publications directly from

*** Prices below do NOT include sales tax and shipping charges ***

Literature_Price_List1 Literature_Price_List2 Literature_Price_List3



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